The Saltz and Pepper Family Tree

by Sandy Saltz on November 29, 2014

familyYes, you read that right, Saltz and Pepper!

You may be wondering what this is all about. Well for me that is mishpuchah, my family, my ancestry. I am blessed to come from a spicy line of Saltzes and Peppers. My grandfather Max Saltz married my grandmother Lillian Pepper. Lillian’s mother, my Bubbie Eta was also a Saltz before she married Hershel Pepper.

As my mother always said our family tree is a little lopsided. You will learn all about that when you follow the lives of three strong women who broke through many barriers of their time by simply doing what they had to do to survive. My yet-to-be-titled book will be published this spring and you can follow the hopes, dreams, tragedy, loves, joy, and loss here in my blog.

These three women that are the matriarchs of my book are my grandmother that I never met, Lillian Pepper, born in 1896, my mother Esther born in 1922 and then me-Sandy-born in 1955.